If your Tabla are in need of repair, we can help! Here are all the services we can provide. Please note that the majority of these services are only offered locally, and new Tabla sets can only be provided for students of the Poetry on Drums Tabla School.

Cleaning / Repair Sound Defects: $20

If your drum heads have become dirty or are caked with talc, they can be cleaned up to improve the sound and appearance. Drums with excessively buzzing syahi (the black spot) can be repaired as well. (Please note: not all buzzing is repairable. If buzzing cannot be repaired you will not be charged.)

Drum Tuning: $15 (one drum) / $25 (one set)

Your drum will be tuned to the appropriate pitch without pulling the excess slack.

Pakhawaj Tuning: $20

Your pakhawaj will be tuned to the appropriate pitch without pulling the excess slack.

Pull and Balance: $20 (bayan) / $30 (dayan)

Your bayan or dayan will be pulled of excess slack in the straps, balanced, and tuned to an appropriate pitch.

Repair Broken Straps: $65 (bayan) / $85 (dayan)

If a strap has broken on either of your drums, we can replace the strap and have your drum sounding like new again. Note: if your dayan has a broken strap, remove the tuning blocks to relieve tension on the shell. Shells with irregular tension may warp.

Head Replacement: $75 (bayan) / $95 (dayan)

We can replace your Tabla head with a brand new one made by master Tabla makers from Delhi or Mumbai. Price is inclusive of head and labor. If your strap requires replacement as well there will be an extra $15 charge. Heads for drums with unusual dimensions or specific tuning needs can be special-ordered.