Chaz Hastings decided to become a professional tabla player after he first heard these amazing drums at the age of sixteen.  Since then Chaz’s passion for Tabla has taken him to India numerous times and led him to study with some of the finest musicians in the world.

Today Chaz is one of the most prominent performers and teachers of the Tabla in the Pacific Northwest, capable of playing in virtually any genre of North Indian classical or folk music.  Chaz plays Tabla for khayal, instrumental, kathak dance, thumri, and ghazal, as well as performing his own solos on Tabla.  Chaz has performed widely both within the US and in India and continues to make a name for himself in the world of Indian classical music.

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Tabla instructor for Seattle Raga Institute, SRI
Principal Tabla accompanist for Kala Anga Kathak Academy,
Seattle and Cleveland chapters
Tabla/Pakhawaj accompanist for Dhrupad Music Institute of America, DMIA
Tabla Faculty for the Seattle Drum School in Georgetown